Artificial intelligence (AI)

The website “Umetna inteligenca” focuses on various aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications. Here are some key points from the content:

  1. Development of AI: The site discusses how AI has evolved from a concept of science fiction to an indispensable tool in many aspects of life. It highlights AI’s role and impact at the intersection of technological advancement and social change.
  2. Fyle Platform: There’s a mention of Fyle, a real-time expense management platform. It allows accountants to streamline the expense management process, offering real-time visibility into spending on all business Visa and Mastercard credit cards. It also facilitates instant notifications and receipt submissions via text.
  3. AI in Everyday Life: The site explores how AI is increasingly becoming a part of daily life. Examples include smartphones with facial recognition and autonomous vehicles. It emphasizes AI’s significant role in changing how people work, communicate, and entertain.
  4. AI in Text Translation: The website discusses the key application of AI in text translation. It talks about the development of advanced machine translation methods based on AI, such as deep learning. A specific technique mentioned is the Recurrent Neural Network (RNN), known for text translation.
  5. Using ChatGPT on iPhone: There’s a section advising users on using ChatGPT on an iPhone. It notes that using ChatGPT on a phone might be less convenient than on a computer, and response speeds can vary depending on internet connection quality.

The website is in Slovenian and provides a comprehensive look at various facets of artificial intelligence, its practical applications, and specific tools and technologies in the field.

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